No words.

No words at all.



*Oh look, now he had both tweedle dee and tweedle dum after him now! How fun! He grinned excitedly, deciding to make it more interesting by throwing bombs at them as he fled*


*He’d just… pretend he was just as mad as Charyb.  Yeah, that’s it.  It wasn’t like he had a strange urge to suddenly be really really close to him.  Nope.  Nope.

He caught  up quickly, being the speedster that he was, at least compared to Charyb.  He growled, dashing to the side to avoid one bomb and hurling a fireball after the fleeing gizoid.*  GET BACK HERE YOU-

Charyb did likewise of his partner, jumping off to the side and producing a sort of controlled flailing motion to avoid bombs as necessary. Oh yeah, that was real mature, playing a game of ‘catch me if you can.’ Then again, this was Emerl, so the blue one really should not have been surprised by that or the bombs. Then again, the bombs were likely more from the ‘oh Chaos don’t beat me up again’ vibe the orange gizoid was likely feeling. That was another good idea that Scylla had, using his element. Nodding mentally, the blue one concentrated a fraction of his stored energy and flung orbs of water towards his target, hoping to perhaps either knock his feet out from under him or make the ground slick enough to trip him up.



*Emerl looked back for a moment, seeing Charyb now following him, and with a smirk he yelled back at the azure prefect: *


*He just sort of stood there, twiddling his thumbs- then Emerl’s words.  Ooooh gods he really should just go home, but- damn.  Maybe he should just-

A sigh, then he started in a run, following after Charyb and mentally cursing his own stupidity.*

“I THINK NOT,” was Charyb’s reply to the words that the gizoid he was in pursuit of spoke, finding that utterly ridiculous. He wasn’t even entirely sure what was to be ‘confessed,’ but perhaps he could beat that out of Emerl. Then again, maybe talking to Scylla would suffice, and he di—oh, Scylla was following him. Welllll, okay then.



*Scylla, for his part, brought his hands up to cover his face as soon as Charyb had turned the other way.  Oh gods, his faceplate felt like it was burning up, and- oh.  Charyb was suddenly looking at him again.  Scylla only noticed because he’d brought his hands down slightly so that he could SEE, and… just sort of stared back at the blue one briefly.*

You… you um, go after him, I have- I have important things to… do.  Back home. Right now.

*Meanwhile Emerl was still running and still giggling like a loon, not caring if the two prefects caught up and killed him. If it meant making Charylla an official thing, then he was fine with being beaten from here to kingdom come*

Though he was a bit concerned about the fiery one, Charyb nodded, sprinting after the mood-ruiner. Scylla could do whatever the hell he was talking about and the blue gizoid could have a bit of fun ruining Emerl’s pretty face for the both of them.



*Oh, he was still talki-

Aaand then his faceplate was touching Charyb’s in a sort of kiss.  He stared back at Charyb for a moment, feeling his faceplate heat up… again… before he hastily pulled away and resisted the urge to cover his face in favor of turning to whoever had- …*

YOU- *Another fist going for Emerl’s face.*

*the orange gizoid quickly ducked to avoid both punches from the two prefects, then took off running, all the while laughing like a maniac*


Somewhat curious about where the hell Emerl had come from but mostly angry about that little thing, Charyb turned on his heels, ready to give chase. He paused though, eyeing Scylla, unsure if the red one had the same thoughts.




Producing a bit of a cough noise, followed by something akin to clearing one’s throat, Charyb stood upright like normal, noting the other’s expression and body language.

“Well, hm… what exactly did you mean by that?”

*His fingers twitched- no.  Don’t fidget.  Don’t.  Instead of what he wanted to say, he gave another shrug, folding his hands behind his back, and turned as if to walk away.*

Oh, nothing.  *Oh god please just drop it.*

*and then the third prefect comes outta nowhere and smooshes their faces together*


“Oh, well, ah, I was hopi—”

And suddenly, the blue gizoid found himself staring ‘wide eyed’ at his partner, a hand on the back of his head. It took a moment, but Charyb realized just what the hell was happening and who had decided to show his ugly face, and it didn’t even take the gizoid another moment to decide to swing a fisted hand at Emerl’s face.


*Is it not clear.  Well…

At that the red one began to look somewhat dejected.  That made things clear enough.  Shaking his head and giving what almost looked like a casual shrug, Scylla forced his hands back to their normal place at his sides.*  Well, yes.  I suppose it is.

Producing a bit of a cough noise, followed by something akin to clearing one’s throat, Charyb stood upright like normal, noting the other’s expression and body language.

“Well, hm… what exactly did you mean by that?”


*Scylla stepped back just a step, as Charyb leaned forward.  His hands came up to his chest to fidget with each other as his mind raced to find what he wanted to say- or what Charyb wanted to hear?*  U-unless, um… Unless…

Ahhh… Charyb, how do you… feel?  About me?

That was… a bit of an odd question; the two of them knew they were partners, obviously, having spent so many years together, but… what was he—ohh.  ‘Blinking,’ Charyb looked at the other, trying to figure out what he should say in response.

“Well… is it not clear?”

Way to run around the question.


 U-unless wh-

*Nope, no hope of even trying to salvage this wreck of a situation anymore.  Might  as well just resign to the impending humiliation.*  Unless, u-um… 

After placing his hands behind his back, Charyb leaned forward slightly, optics flickering slightly in a bit of a narrowing manner. “Unless…?” Well, at least he sounded genuinely curious.


*Oh gods, why?  Couldn’t Charyb have just let that slip past and go… do his paperwork or whatever it was he was normally doing?  Ugh.*

 No, it isn’t.  Listen, can’t you just drop it?

Now Charyb was just even more curious, however unfortunate or not that was for the other gizoid.

“I do not believe I see just why it ‘isn’t,’ Scylla.” For a moment, the blue one paused, thinking about just why it wasn’t.

“… unless…?”